Hi. I'm Jess, the woman behind Whiskey Rose Wood Co. My path with WRWC started in 2015. I had been putting all of my time and energy into my safety supply company, and with the slowing Alberta economy, I decided I needed something else to hold me over until business started to pick up again. I began to tinker in our single car garage. I found a template for a bench on Pinterest that I liked and made some changes to it to suit my style. Before starting that project, I didn't know wood glue was a thing and had only used a miter saw a handful of times, under the supervision of an experienced adult and most likely holding my breath from the moment that blade started to spin... Upon completion, and feeling quite accomplished, I proceeded to post a photo of my new sofa table on my Facebook page. Small requests started to roll in from friends and family, and with every new project came more skill and knowledge about the craft of working with wood.

It wasn't long before I started brainstorming on how I could amp up my little wood working business and came up with my "Makin' Signs & Drinkin' Wines" public sign making workshops at one of my favorite local eateries. To say I was nervous about my first event would be an understatement. I was downright scared and plagued with the worst "what ifs" you could think of. Low and behold, besides a few minor hiccups, the event was a sold out success. Que major life lesson, fear doesn't always mean failure. Had I been to scared to put on that event, I would have never known that success and I would not be where I am at today because of it. With that lesson, now when I start to fear a decision or a move within my business I know I'm on the right path. I think we should all use that lesson in life.

The clothing was me being the "I can do it myself" woman. I wanted Whiskey Rose swag and I wanted it on different apparel than your typical promotional catalog clothing  AND I wanted a number of different designs. Lets be honest here, I did some poor soul a favor by doing this all on my own. I already had all the tools needed, I just needed to figure out how to print my designs and get them on the clothing I wanted. I wasted a ton of vinyl in the meantime but I made it. I started putting my apparel online and they proved to be a hit! I still have fun designing new logos all the time and well, putting whatever the hell I want on the clothing I bring in.